Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hello Kindness

In my high school and college days I wrestled with the need to have an answer to every question and situation.  Ok, let's be honest, I still struggle with this, but I am hoping that some maturity has occurred; and for the past several years I have been working on keeping my mouth shut and my overly emotional opinions to a minimum (I did say working).

More than that, I am daily working on keeping my heart and mind open.

When we learn to accept and love others that we don't agree with, we are actively engaging in the act of laying ourselves down.

I regain my life and my purpose every time I lay myself down.

In contrary to this, when my mind is made up about another person, after a quick observation judgement, I can decide their entire life within 5 seconds. I measure their worth using an imaginary stick, quickly deciding if I agree or disagree with their actions and outward presence.

In those 5 seconds, I am completely missing the point.

The entire process of loving another gets tossed.

So how do we consistently immerse ourselves into humankindness?  How do we learn to not observe, measure, and then decide?  What is true kindness?

It comes down to something so basic.


Matthew 22 sums it up: Love God.  Love Others.

If my day is spent loving God well, then loving others is a natural next option.  Something deeply spiritual happens when I meditate on my deep love of my Creator.  Not only do I regain a humble posture, but I also can't help but begin to curate a deep compassionate love for anyone in my path.

The outward appearance and measurable actions of another shrink.

I no longer worry that loving them will confuse them.


Love Brings Clarity.

Love doesn't toughen judgement, it softens it.

So when a conversation between a news anchor and a former athlete who is transgender air on primetime:  My reaction is not that of disdain or disgust.

I am truly interested in his story and why he feels the way he does.  I am not attracted to his fame, and especially not the reality show that has kept his name in the public eye.  I care because he is a human being and a child of God.  He is someone who my God looks on compassionately and lovingly, therefore I will do the same.

When ISIS killings, Baltimore riots, and business-owners losing their livelihoods over workable disagreements take over my feed... I am not surprised.  

Deeply saddened?  Yes.  

Surprised? No.

It turns out that the Bible has a simple answer to our anguish:
Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ has also forgiven you.  Ephesians 4:32

God has forgiven me over and over.  It's a total miracle that He is still forgiving me today.  This verse in Ephesians does not say to be kind if the person deserves your kindness.  It does not say to be kind only if they are "sorry" for their actions.  

It simply says to Be Kind.

Be Tender-hearted. 


Oh the simplicity those words could contain, yet the weight we heave upon them.  

I'm glad God allows it to be simple for me.
Hello Kindness, thank you for being the answer we are all looking for.  

Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring Break with SIX

It's Monday morning of the first official day of Spring Break and my throat is already scratchy from refereeing eternal disputes in droves (that's my LEGO, it's mine).  

I thought turning on cartoons (the kind with commercials, the kind I NEVER let them watch) would be enough to entertain and occupy 6 people for a few hours.  WRONG!  
(He's touching me, she took my blanket, I spilled my milk)

I made myself a second cuppa coffee and stole away into the other room with my laptop and calendar to try and wade through 8 agendas, making notes here and there of which days I will need my go-go-gadget octopus arms to kick in. (pretty much every day by the way)

Social Media doesn't always say it so bluntly- in fact those of us with big families really do believe that bigger is better.  But there are times, like right now, that big families are HARD.  I have three boys separated by floors so that I can actually think.  The bigger they get, the louder they get.  

5 little boys want to play on spring sports teams and my sweet girl needs to learn how to be a little more girly and should probably start ballet or something feminine since right now she is downstairs playing NERF war, and last night she "tackled" another girl because she wanted to be her friend????

Someone always needs something.

There is always a mess to clean. 

The laundry is never done.

and No, we cannot go to the movies because it costs $60 just to walk through the door. 

So I just sit for a moment and watch the giggly two "babies" run circles around the kitchen, through the dining room, and the hallway.  They are 10 months apart and to my surprise actually love each other 90% of the time.  

People still ask me how I do it, and my answer is still, "I don't know."  If you have a big family, and you clicked on this for a few tips on how to survive with a gaggle of littles , you are probably thinking to read on would be a waste of time.  

There is no magic formula that works for every family.  For some it's structure, for others it's the lack of.   

But oh my word, no holiday will ever be lonely.  

And someday we will have like a gazillion grandchildren.  

I can almost guarantee at least some acknowledgement every Mother's Day for the rest of my life- and maybe someday I will actually miss matching socks in baskets for days.

I can be real about the chaos.  I can even admit that every once in awhile I daydream about being a lonely, single girl holed up under a giant comforter, wearing homely mismatched jammies reading romance novels.

Just because I have a lot of kids, doesn't mean that I have super-human powers.  

I also wouldn't have it any other way.  This is the only, and I mean only, life that I know that I am really accomplishing what I have been placed on this planet to do.  All of the other stuff is fluff and extras.  I want to do it well.  I don't just want to raise my people without Red Dye 40 and the appropriate amount of Vitamin D for healthy teeth.  

Big families develop big character.  Not just in the kids, but in the parents too.  God knew that I needed many, many trying personalities coming at me all day long because I have the worst tendency to think about myself and only myself.

So even though it would be nice to sulk (sometimes I wish I didn't know any better and I could be ok with a week long sulk fest)-- I just can't.  I am way too grateful for my loud and obnoxious gang.  They bring me the most joy.  More than any girls's night out or luxury vacation. 

Once upon a time I actually vacationed in Cancun in a bikini for Spring Break.  This year I will make endless jelly sandwiches, wipe noses, stock up on snacks for a herd, and go to bed exhausted.  To know that I spent my days keeping little people alive doesn't always "feel" like a lot.  Many nights I lay in my bed unable to recall exactly what I did to be so tired.

but believe me, it's the best kind of tired.  Happy Spring Break Mamas:)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Sneak Peak at ExtraOrdinary

ExtraOrdinary has been out for a couple of weeks now and I am overwhelmed by the response.  It is so humbling to have neighbors drop by house to tell me that they are getting together weekly to go through my study!  Wow.  

I am feeling the weight of this gift, and if you are a pray-er, please keep myself and my family in your prayers.  I desire to do it all well, and God constantly reminds me that without Him I can do nothing.  So, eeping along I trust Jesus for the next step of this journey.  I truly love it!

If you still haven't gotten a copy of ExtraOrdinary, I thought I would give you a sneak peak at one of the days so you can get a look at how it is laid out:

Week 2, Day 5 (an excerpt)

Love As I Have Loved
Today we are going to wrap up our time with John.  We have watched him follow Christ from the Sea of Galilee to Jerusalem.  This is the moment he follows him to the cross as Jesus breathes his last.  

Read John 19:25-27

Powerful.  I just read those three verses 9 times. I can almost feel the weight of the air the witnesses heaved as they watched their son, nephew, and best friend brutally tortured and hung high in the air for all to see.  

Powerless.  It’s how I feel right now as I want to hold Mary, Jesus’ mother, and tell her the glory of the third day.  And dear John.  The most loyal friend. The one whom we should all strive to be.  Where is he?  Right there with them.  Not sleeping this time.  Not looking away from the anguish.  But barely hanging on at the foot of the cross as he helplessly waits for the inevitable.  

 Jesus words were probably a bit breathy and barely there, but he managed to address both Mary and John.  What did he say to them?

2.  Where did Mary live from that time on?

The love that Jesus had for his mother and John are evident in this scene.  His thoughts are still on those he felt responsibility for.  Again, his humanity and deity collide in this moment as the God of the world painfully suffered in the flesh and empathized with the two who had a large piece of his human heart.

Friend, you were on his heart too. Just as he took on the responsibility for Mary and John who had captured his human heart, you were there when He took on the world as only the Creator of your soul could do.  

Can you see yourself in his eyes as he closes them for the last time before his final breath?  
Take a moment and let this sink in.

Jesus did not endure the anguish in the garden and death on the cross for you and I to walk around namby-pamby.  God didn’t create you with unique gifting and talents so that you can either bury them or parade them for your own glory.  His plan is so much bigger!  

Death on a cross does not equal ordinary living.  He is so much greater than that!  He deserves so much more from you than your lackadaisical choices.

3.  How are you feeling right now?  Does this make you uneasy, irritated, or energized?

John understood this.  He followed Jesus from the moment he left the family business to the last moment on the cross. He followed him all the days of his life dedicating his last years to writing several books in the New Testament.  His proclamation of the miracle working God that he loved still changes lives today.  His words are still seen at just about every televised sporting event.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.  John 3:16

This ordinary guy achieved extraordinary feats as he woke up every morning and said yes to the Savior.  He didn’t take special classes or have a degree in friendship.  He studied love.  More than studying, he lived it.  

My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.  Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.  John 15:12-13

And the day continues, but I don't want to give away all of the surprises.  If you haven't yet gotten your hands on ExtraOrdinary, you can here on Amazon.  You can also catch a week or two of the live teaching happening now at (MISSION) if you are a local Phoenix girl.  

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Website!

Dear Faithful Readers,

ExtraOrdinary is so, so, so close to launching that I am having a hard time sleeping.  If you haven't checked out my new author site, please do, and make sure that you sign up to get updates through my newsletters.  I promise not to flood your inbox, but in the next few weeks there will be announcements that you don't want to miss.  (If this is news to you, check out the blog where I introduced the study here).

Because you have been my loyal readers for years, I will tell you that I will be doing a HUGE giveaway of books at the end of this month.  ExtraOrdinary for free?  Yep!!  Because you guys know me better than anyone, I am really counting on you to help me spread the word.

All of my social media channels have information about ExtraOrdinary, and you could do me a HUGE favor and start talking about ExtraOrdinary on your social media outlets!

Whatever you is available.

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And of course, let people know that they can get all of the information for ExtraOrdinary at

All of this hype and sharing stuff is wayyyyyyy out of my comfort zone....but, it has to be done so the folks are in the know.

Thank you again for your support.  Regularly scheduled blogging will resume...someday.  xoxox

Monday, December 29, 2014

Chick-Fil-A Mama

In an attempt to change the scenery, I set out with Huck and Holden to do a little writing at Chick-Fil-A this morning.  Endless hot coffee, an area for the boys to run around, and free wifi are the biggest perks to this fabulous locale.

As I found my seat close to the play area, it didn't take more than a minute for me to realize that the only other patrons in the booth next to me were here for a birth mom's state supervised visit.

I immediately felt empathy for both the birth mom and the foster mom.  And of course my heart was on my sleeve for the two precious little girls, who I found out were 8 months and 22 months old.

It was apparent that the birth mom had never parented outside of a visit, and by how well her daughters knew her, these visits probably didn't happen that often.  All of the gear for the visit took up two tables as the foster mom had packed lots of toys, books, etc, to keep the busy little babes happy for some time.

The foster mom tried to let the birth mom parent.  I watched her mothering skills struggle and from insecurity she constantly defaulted to the foster mom's experience.

Can I give her this bite of bread?  Is it too big?

I brought pink nail polish to paint her little nails.  I want to make her look pretty.

Can you say mama?

I tried not to stare, and it took everything in me to smile sweetly and let them have their time.  The last thing they need in these precious moments are gawking strangers.

I thought of Holden, who played so well with the little girls as their mom tried to capture a few photos with her phone.  She awkwardly tried to cuddle on her babes, and they turned their faces from this lady who called herself mom.

Holden was the same age as he would have met with his birth mom in parks and fast food places for visits.  From the book I received on his adoption day, the visits would have been similar with the awkward parenting and lots of toys.

I think of my two adopted children's birth mom.  I wonder if she is sitting in a supervised visit somewhere.  I am hoping not.  I pray everyday that she will wake up in the morning and decide that today would be the day to seek healing from her painful losses.  She has every reason to not have the tenacity to parent, and I thank her for carrying her babes full term.

Even though the system is what we all call "broken," without it, these children could be on the streets, as they are in many other countries.

Families are broken too.
We all need grace.

My heart turns to the broken families ending 2014, and a desire for all to walk towards healing in 2015.  The end of the story is unwritten.  For more information on how to walk beside a foster family, or how to become one, (if you are in Arizona) contact Esther's Hope at MISSION Community Church.  If you live in another state contact adoptUSKids.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Merry Christmas...How's your marriage?

Christmas (and holidays in general) magnify issues.  

*If you have an issue with a family member, it is generally bigger at Christmas.
*If you are having financial difficulties, the holidays make the lack of cash an even deeper sting.
*If you have a child that is struggling, chances are, the Christmas Day meltdown could be epic.  

You get my drift.

So, what's going on in your marriage that is going to be magnified this season?  

You have a few day before the actual holiday to make a mends and work through whatever it is that has been simmering since August.

Please don't rush out and buy your spouse another pricey gadget to show your affection.  Instead, surrender your idea of a consumer Christmas and give your spouse the kind of gift they should be receiving every day from you.

You can wrap it if you want, you can even put it under the tree.  When they open it, they will be speechless, and chances are it will change your whole day.  It will probably change your whole next year if you really mean what you say (word of caution, if you don't mean it, then don't say it).

If you know you need to do this, but can't find the words, maybe some of these will inspire you:

Merry Christmas.  I am giving you the gift of honesty.

I am giving you the gift of time.

I am giving you myself.

Merry Christmas.  Here is my cell phone, my ipad, my xbox.  It's yours for the day. All I want is you.

Personalize your gift so that your spouse knows it is from the heart.  And enjoy each other.  I hope this holiday is the best you have ever had.  You might even start a new gift giving tradition.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

"Now" is your Best Gift

I've heard people say that life is a series of moments.  Each moment leading up to the next, every one preparing you for the now.

If you believe that, then anxiety should be non-existent, and we would all be very grateful for each place that we find ourselves in.  I don't meet very many people who are actually at peace with their "now."

I meet a lot of Should Haves and Would Haves.
I've also met some, If Onlys, Cannots, and Somedays.

This past weekend we celebrated my step-dad's 70th birthday.  The most remarkable moment of the whole party was when he saw that his 90 year old mother had come out from California to celebrate with him.
Julie Griffin Photography captures the miracle moment

What an instant reminder to all of us who witnessed this reunion that life is fleeting and each moment is for a reason.  
The holidays are filled with enough "moments' to last you for the year.  Instead of allowing them to overwhelm you, remember that your life is not your own.  Unlike any present on your list to purchase, the place you are right now is a gift that can never be returned.

S-L-O-W down and enjoy each one.  Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Introducing ExtraOrdinary!

So, we haven't officially "launched" yet, but I felt like my faithful readers needed to be in on what was taking all of my writing time these last few months.  Months of blog silence will hopefully be worth it for you!

ExtraOrdinary started out as a chapter book a couple of years ago, but then I put it on the shelf for awhile knowing that I would come back to it eventually.  Well, this past fall I did, but I turned it into a six-week Bible study instead.  After months of writing and editing (thanks to fabulous friends) I am finally in the home stretch and have now begun working on marketing and promotional materials.  ExtraOrdinary will be available on Amazon January 2015.

ExtraOrdinary takes the lives of six Bible characters and highlights one of them each week while at the same time weaving in personal stories from my own personal extraordinary journey.  While doing this study you will get to know Peter, John, Hannah, Mary, Hosea, and another special Lady very well.

ExtraOrdinary addresses everything from marriage and finances, to parenting and past pain.  As a woman, I wrote a study for women, knowing that all of the things I have been through are relatable to others in one way or another.  I wrote ExtraOrdinary for someone who is new in their faith, or someone who is finally ready to get serious about living for Christ.  It is basic, yet challenging.  It will make you cry and hopefully, laugh a little too.  I don't present myself as the perfect Christian who has all of the answers, but rather a fellow sojourner who has gotten really good at dusting off my knees and trying again after failure.

My biggest goal for ExtraOrdinary?  That there would be circles of women all over that do the study together in search of real, authentic faith.  I hope that reading my story, along with the stories of other common people in the Bible will encourage you that anyone can be used by God no matter what their past decisions have been or what their personal accomplishments are.

More information about ExtraOrdinary will continue to be released, so stay close to IG (@christinalang8) and Facebook for updates.  Also, look for a new author website that will give information for booking speaking events and ordering the study.  I hope you love it!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Brave: A Guest Post

The following guest post is from a dear, sweet friend who started off as my boys' babysitter almost 9 years ago. Every week she came into our home and took care of my 2 boys while I went back to work at our church. Our relationship started out casually but over time grew into deep conversations lingering into the afternoons when I got home from my work day. She was a single mom at the time; trying to go to school, explore the dating world with a baby at home, and juggle a few jobs.

She has grown inconceivably these last 9 years and I am so very proud of her. I have seen her spiritual journey literally spring to life in leaps and bounds. She is now a wife and mama to 4 precious littles. She still calls me her mentor, but I just call her friend. Enjoy reading my good friend Christen Spratt from

Google defines brave as: Ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage.

Endure danger or pain? Uhhh, no thanks. I think I am good.

Wouldn’t it be nice if life were so simple and it was that easy to decline pain? Actually no! The best growth comes from the seasons of pain and suffering. The seasons which require us to put on our game face, lean into God, and choose to be brave. To me, this sounds a lot like motherhood. Anyone else?

However, bravery can be a dangerous topic. It has a way of helping us gloat about our accomplishments or achievements in which we looked good or came out on top. It also has a way of causing us to criticize ourselves for the times we wish we would have been braver. Furthermore, the enemy has a way of using one person’s story of bravery to condemn and crush another. Someone else reading this will have a similar story but instead of it being a brave chapter in their life, it might be one that haunts them. Don’t worry… I have plenty of those too. In fact, not all of this season was brave. I was young, dumb(er), and scared… But today is about bravery, those other truths are for a different time.

So here is my example of bravery… Over Christmas break of my senior year in high school I found out I was pregnant. {Remember I told you I was young, dumb(er), and scared?!} Yep, there I was, barely 18 years old, legally considered an adult, and now I was pregnant. This secretive, quiet, and lonely time was so scary. I knew I had a choice to make. I knew I could keep this my little secret forever. But something inside of me couldn’t find peace in choosing abortion. I kept wrestling with it. I tried justifying why it would be ok in this circumstance. I even looked up a few addresses and a phone number. But I couldn’t bring myself to make the appointment.

Only through God’s strength was able to be brave. It was hard. It was really hard. I let down my parents, siblings, family, friends, and myself. I had to kiss college dreams and sports goodbye. I was the talk of the small town in which I lived. Being brave cost me everything at the time. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Isaiah 43:18-19 sums up my story beautifully.

Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.

I no longer dwell on my past but it brings me great encouragement to know that God had/has a beautiful plan; plans for good, plans to prosper. Even when I was a hot mess, God was there as my source of strength and for that I am forever grateful. I can’t imagine my life without my sweet boy.

But, here’s the thing about bravery… God equips us to be brave even if we don’t feel like it. 2 Timothy 1:7 says the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. I think as a mother I am required to be brave when there is nothing more than a mere fiber of bravery in my body.  Sometimes being brave just means being still. The bible says, The Lord will fight for you, you need only be still. In that season all I could do was be still and rely on God’s power. I was scared out of my ever loving mind and it seemed like everything was spinning out of control. I had traded in my back pack for a diaper bag, prom for a baby shower, and at one point I thought that sharing a dorm room with a stranger was going to be scary… well at least I wasn’t going to have to birth that roommate.

I am over 10 years into this motherly version of bravery, and oh man! I have to choose to be brave every day. As moms we are great at faking it for our kids. We say things like “it’s all going to be ok” or “don’t be afraid, momma is here”. My question is do we hear ourselves? And who do we think we are kidding? Sometimes we just barely pulling off the brave version of mommy and sometimes we are a blubbering mess.

To all the mommas out there that feel like the bravery tank is running on fumes… It’s ok. Lean in to God. Choose to be brave. Listen to that small voice inside you. Find rest knowing He chose you for your kiddos and chose your kiddos for you. No matter how you were brought together, out of wedlock, adoption, in vitro, or the old fashioned husband/wife way… It is the life you were destined for. You have one shot at it. Be bold, be brave and do it to the best of your ability.

I have 3ish things to help you be you a bit more bravely:

1) Get in God’s word. Study the bible. Cling to scripture. There are all sorts of examples of bravery in there! {Chicks too! Esther, Proverbs 31 woman, uhhhh the Virgin Mary!}

2) Find some quiet time when you can hear Him. Listen for his voice, the Holy Spirit equips us to be brave. I joke (sorta) with my kids when they come downstairs too early that I am having coffee with Jesus and they need to go back to bed.

3) Lastly, get some girls! By that I mean, look around you.  You are surrounded by women walking along the very same path as you. Invest in them and let them do the same for you. Remember the rule… there is strength in numbers.

3b) or 4) Find yourself a mentor, someone who can really call you out when you aren’t choosing to be brave. She needs to be someone that can know all about your mess and love you just the same. Make sure she is at least a few steps ahead of your in life. Don’t do this mothering thing alone. It’s a hard thing and it doesn’t need to be hard and lonely.

Ok, here’s the deal, we are going to screw up. We are going to get some things wrong. We are going to feel like failures. But with God and our girls I think we can do this mothering thing… Bravely! So go. Go be you. Go be brave. Go be you, bravely.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Open Letter to a Mom in a Crisis Pregnancy

40 years ago my husband was born in a small Nebraska town and then lovingly given up for adoption. He was three months old when his adoptive parents brought him home to his new forever family. He doesn't have much information about them at all except for the obvious knowledge that his birth-mom delivered a healthy, full-term little boy. Growing up in his adoptive family was stable and fulfilling; so-much-so, that he never thought much about his birth-family.

Three years ago we brought home our two newest babes to our forever family. My husband had absolutely no idea that bringing a little guy into our home would stir up emotions from his own adoption story many years ago. It's been a process for he and our adopted son, as well as an attachment dance for all of us. We recently completed 12 weeks of therapy through a counselor at Arizona Foster Care Initiatives who worked with our entire family on attachment and educating us on how trauma affects the brain. I have seen tremendous healing in both my son and my husband and I sit here with pride overflowing when I think about how much progress they have both made.

Recently, our church formed a partnership with the Phoenix Dream Center and helped fund a portion of the building known as the Hope Wing for victims of sex trafficking and those in crisis pregnancies. My husband decided that he would write letters to the mamas in crisis pregnancies there to remind them that choosing life for their babies affects generations. With his permission, I wanted to share one of his letters. I am so proud of this man I married.

Dear Pregnant Mom,
I want to start by saying thank you.  You might be wondering why a complete stranger is starting off a letter to someone he doesn’t know by saying thank you. The answer is that I care that you might be in turmoil with the decision of whether you are going to stay pregnant or abort the baby that is growing inside you.  You have made a very difficult choice by giving your baby a chance, but you still struggle every day with the thought of what to do. You might ask why that matters and I want you to know that I am writing this letter to you because I was given a chance.  My birthmother could have aborted me and she chose to give me life and put me up for adoption. While I have never met my biological mother, I am very thankful to her for the choice she made.  I pray for her and ask God to bless her as she blessed me by allowing me to live.
I don’t know what it is like to weigh the choices in your mind and I don’t know what it is like to think about how you would possibly raise a child when you  can barely survive yourself.  I do know that the chance at life I was given allowed me to be the father of six children with my amazing wife of 14 years. The choice you (and my birthmother) made provided me the motivation to pursue a Masters degree, hold a steady job and strive to be a productive member of society. Your choice pushed me in my faith to serve God and be thankful for the life I have been blessed with.
I would like to encourage you in your decision to keep your baby.  The Dream Center is there to help you and get you on your feet.  You will be an amazing mother with God’s help.  If you feel that is just too much, I ask that you please not give up, there are families out there that God has led to provide a loving, stable home for children just like yours. Please know that offering up a child up for adoption is not giving up but rather one of the hardest decisions to make. It is not because you don’t love the baby growing inside you but rather just the opposite. Your love and passion run so deep that you want only the best for your baby but just aren’t ready or able to provide that. I am the result of that decision, I am one of many success stories that now have the opportunity to be a difference.  
Another birthmother’s decision to protect life and  give your child the opportunity of a home with a loving family through adoption allowed my wife and I to pursue being foster parents and then ultimately adopting two children from the foster system ourselves.  Our two adopted children have stability and love every day.  They never wonder  where their  next meal will come from, if they will have a warm bed to sleep in,  or where they belong. You may not know this but your choice will have a far broader impact than you will ever know.  While we went through the process of  adoption, we positively influenced friends that decided to save children from the foster system and provide forever homes for more kids.
Your choice and my birthmother’s choice has broken my generational curse and the generational curse that our adopted children experienced as children number 7 and 8 of their biological mother.  You are a champion of change and I thank you for that.  Please don’t give up the fight that you encounter every minute of every day.  I am praying for you and I need you to succeed, because there is another “me” out there that you are fighting for. There is another success story out there that you are playing a vital role in, you just might not see it yet.
Lastly, please let me remind you how valuable you are.  You are the game changer. Don’t forget to take care of yourself because you deserve to be loved, cared for, and appreciated. I respect you and want you to know that you have so much value, I thank you, my wife thanks you and my children thank you.
Living the Difference,